Ever dreamed of a Stickley home all your own?


Lovely, isn’t it?  Wait until you see the inside! Oh yeah, it’s for sale!


6 thoughts on “Ever dreamed of a Stickley home all your own?

  1. Isn’t it cool how the interior photos really have that Frank-Lloyd-Wright-esque quality, the way the trim bands the windows, the scaling of the space in the living room, and he plays with upper and full-height windows? Sometimes you can really see how one movement influences the next. Thanks for sharing that!


  2. I can’t imagine the heartbreak for the sellers. You would have to d-r-a-g me out if I were ever lucky enough to live in a Stickley home.

    Simply stunning and well-preserved (though I’m guessing it is protected by some sort of historical building code…I hope?). Thanks for sharing!


  3. The interior photos are fabulous, aren’t they?

    I know what you mean though, Kim. Stickley’s exteriors are all sort of barn-like, aren’t they? Even his own Craftsman Farms home – you would never guess looking at the exterior what’s hidden inside.


  4. Hi all….I’m the owner of this house, and was excited to see it featured here on this site. Thanks so much for the compliments – we’ve been here for 9 years, have done a lot of restoration, and are very sad to leave. The picture of the front of the house is terrible – I have a much better shot from the corner that shows a wonderful stone and brick chimney. Let me know if you’d like to see it, and how I would get it to you. Thanks!


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