Painting the Bungalow – Part II

I have always loved Greene and Greene’s Gamble House. There’s something so stately about its tobacco & rust colored palette! I’d love to create a similar vibe here at the bungalow. Of course, the Gamble House is stained and we’ll be forced to paint, but I would love for our house to have that sort of “presence.” I think that’s why I’m leaning so strongly towards using a dark body color.

The colors I’m most drawn to are Caponata and Wenge – both from Benjamin Moore’s Aura line. Wenge is definitely more bungalowy (or should I say “bungalowcious?”) but there’s something about Caponata that makes me all swoony.

I toyed with using rust as a trim color, but I think it’s a bit much for a house of this size.  I seem to prefer it as an accent color.  I haven’t made any firm decisions yet, but I am having fun playing with Photoshop. See for yourself:

Wenge Body (not sure about the rafter tails yet)
Wenge Body (not sure about the rafter tails yet)
Caponata Body (again unsure about the rafter tails)
Caponata Body (again unsure about the rafter tails)

12 thoughts on “Painting the Bungalow – Part II

  1. Hi Joe –

    Oops – I meant to mention that I haven’t done anything with the rafter tails yet, which is why they are still black and white in
    the photos. 🙂

    I need to get a nice close-up of the front porch and see which rafter tail treatment looks best there since the underside of the porch is so visible from the porch. I was thinking rust but am reserving judgment until I see how it looks….


  2. I really like them both, but I think Wenge is richer and makes the windows pop more (if that’s what you’re after). I also think the rust accent will look better with Wenge.


  3. Another vote for the Wenge…I like the Caponata a lot too but I think the Wenge might have longer-lasting appeal. (BTW, if you want you can bounce an email to cityhomestead a-t gmail, and I can send a link to pics of our neighbors’ 1908 house, which has a very similar color scheme with the rust/cream except that the body color is lighter/greyer…unfortunately the pics are from the sale of the house and are thus plastered with the address, so I’d rather not post the link.)


  4. I know – I agree with you all about the Wenge, except that I LOVE the Caponata color. Computer renderings aren’t 100% accurate, so I’m reserving judgment until I get some test paint splotches up on the actual house. I’ll post pictures of the the test spots so you can see how they look before we make a final decision!


  5. That’s so funny – there was a pull-out postcard in This Old House mag I got in the mail yesterday for Glidden’s Crisp Autumn Leave + Frosted Mulberry + Stone White and I immediately thought of your colors – they are really beautiful together! The Caponata is really similar though maybe a touch deeper. Love it!


  6. Oh, and I forgot to say – the colors are also the same ones in our Bradbury & Bradbury border (Arcadia freize), and they sure look period there.


  7. Hi there….that’s a really cool idea to blog about your home remodel project. I have a question…I have a construction classifieds site: , do you think we should add a section for people to put up blog about their progress?

    ..anyways…thank you for the cool post with you house!


  8. Hi Matt –

    I checked out DiggersList yesterday – great idea! I have to admit, I was disappointed to see that Portland wasn’t on the list – I can guarantee you that people here would love it. We have big population of DIYers AND a big population of people who are into recycling, so I’m sure it would be very popular.

    In my experience – whatever that’s worth – home remodelers love sharing their remodeling progress.

    I don’t know that people would want to write a new/separate blog for your site, but I’m sure they’d love to be linked to from your site – either in a blog roll or some sort of feed.

    It might also be interesting to have an in-house official DiggersList blogger who posts about the latest in remodeling trends and construction materials….


  9. Outstanding blog. Striking body paint color as well as trim and windows. Would you consider sharing window and trim colors? Recently relocated to 100 year old dark brown bungalow, struggling with trim and windows, two failed attempts, senior citizens (ages 79/69) not that much time left!


  10. Jane,

    We didn’t paint the windows…that is the factory finish for the windows we installed. We did find a paint that matched it well, but I can’t remember offhand what it was. Stephanie might remember that and the trim color…


  11. Hi Jane,

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    As Julio said, the windows aren’t actually painted – most of them, anyway. They are metal clad wood replacement windows in a bronze factory finish.

    We did have a few windows we needed to paint to match the bronze metal ones. The closest match I could find was Benjamin Moore Ironclad Low Lustre enamel paint for metal and wood. This paint is available in about a dozen ready-mixed colors including a lighter chocolate bronze and a darker, more espresso-looking bronze. The darker bronze was the closest match for our windows, but since your house is brown, I would suggest looking at both next to your house color to determine which is the better match.

    Our house color (Benjamin Moore Aura Affinity Caponata) was such a deep/dark purple that most of the off-white trim colors we considered looked too stark when paired with the body color. We ended up choosing another Benjamin Moore Aura color as our trim color – Jicama.

    Here is a link to the color:

    It’s sort of an oatmeal color, but against our dark purple body color it looks much lighter. I’m guessing the same would be true against dark brown. We found we had to go darker than we thought with the trim to find a color that could hold its own against such a deep body color.

    Oh – and the accent color is also a Benjamin Moore Aura Affinity color – Firenze:

    I hope this is helpful!


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