Painting the Bungalow – We’ve got a body color!

bye-bye baby blue!
bye-bye baby blue!

Last night we put up test patches of both Caponata and Wenge.  The Wenge looked fine – I can’t say I had any complaints – but we both really loved the Caponata (even from across the street, which is the true test, I think!) 

So, it seems we’ve settled on a non-authentic bungalow body color! Since the depth of color is similar to the dark stain on Craftsman Farms, we’re viewing this as “a modern interpretation of the Craftsman Aesthetic” with apologies to purists everywhere.

great coverage for a first coat!
great coverage for a first coat!

I planned to post a photo of both test patches for your viewing pleasure, but Mr. Bungalow Insanity painted over them before I had chance. We’ve got no idea what we’re doing for trim and accent colors yet, so you’ll just have to stay tuned…   

9 thoughts on “Painting the Bungalow – We’ve got a body color!

  1. Your new colors look very nice. I’ll also say this….I’m a purist, but I think what people call “authentic bungalow colors” today are not all that accurate. The colors deemed “authentic” are never seen on vintage bungalows in my city (except by those that have just painted). So, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Go with what looks good.


  2. I think it looks fabulous– will you be painting the window and door trim another color? They really pop as they are…

    I’m a firm believer in doing what will make you happy in your home and worrying about authenticity after that– granted, I wouldn’t be okay with painting the house neon green, but then again I’m not sure I’d be a Craftsman lover if I were the kind of person who wanted a neon house, ya know?

    Anyway, it looks great and is keeping with the spirit of authenticity, if not the exact letter of it!


  3. Thanks everyone! I’ll have to post another photo later today – it’s sooooo pretty in the sunlight. And our neighbors love it(which is great – much better than being “those stupid people who painted their house purple!)


  4. LOVE the color! Scraping on my place starts Tuesday, and this post makes me even more excited to see progress. It’s been a long two months already!

    Your place is going to be GORGEOUS–what a change from the blue!!


  5. Thank you Bungalowbliss! We took the weekend off from painting to go to a wedding out of town. We’ll have to get back to work next weekend though! I can’t wait to see how your bungalow paint job turns out. Your house is looking so great already – the new windowbox is fabulous!!! 🙂


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