Paint progress

The difference between the new color and the baby blue is amazing.  I actually want to give a  major plug for the paint we are using, Benjamin Moore Aura.  I have never seen a paint that covers so well, especially for such a dark color.  Also, it’s almost impossible to get it to drip.  Simply amazing.

First body coat in front
First body coat in front

9 thoughts on “Paint progress

  1. Gorgeous! And good to know about the paint– we’re about to take the plunge and paint ours back to “brick” so I’ll be sure to check out the Benjamin Moore…


  2. That’s great to know. Everyone seems to love Benjamin Moore that tries it. We used Benjamin Moore on our front steps and it held up really good considering the salt and snow shovel attacking it, though it now needs a small touch up after a few years.


  3. Looking great! (And I’m curious to see what you decide on the trim in the end….)

    I’m also psyched to hear that the Aura is good. Our whole house is done inside and out in Benjamin Moore (chosen by the PO) and we’ve been patching various things with the leftover cans in the basement, but need to go get more mixed in the near future to do a lot of outside trim work where we pulled old wiring off….had seen the Aura and liked the low VOC/low odor aspect, but wondered how it would compare. Sounds like it shouldn’t be a problem at all—yay!


  4. I am amazed by the Aura paint. That photo above? That’s a single coat with no primer – unbelievable to me considering what a dark color we’re using! The coverage is astounding and there’s almost no odor! I am a huge fan so far!


  5. I agree, Aura is great stuff. I’ve also used Natura, their zero-VOC line and I like that a lot too. I don’t know if it covers as well as Aura.

    The color looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see what you choose for trim!


  6. Thanks to you and your other commentators for the Aura props– I’ve been considering it for a painting project and it helps to hear what others think.

    Your new house color is a beautiful and dramatic change. It looks great!


  7. After 3 days of brush painting, I still can’t believe how great that Aura paint is. I’ve always been a “two coat” person, but this is the first time that I’m thinking that I we are going to be able to get away with one on at least the low-exposure areas, like the eaves.

    It spreads easily, covers perfectly, is low-VOC and supposedly holds its color for ages. What’s not to like?? I might balk at $50/gallon for interiors, but it’s well worth it for the exterior. I have never been excited about a paint before now.


  8. I love the caponata color you chose for the body of the house. We are considering a dark plum for our bungalow exterior as well. Was curious about the trim colors shown on your house?


    1. Hi Andrea,

      Thank you! The creamy trim color is called Jicama and if I remember correctly, the pumpkin-y accent color is called Firenze. They are from Benjamin Moore’s Affinity color palette, mixed into Benjamin Moore Aura paint. We also used Benjamin Moore Enamel paint for Wood and Metal in Bronzetone anywhere we needed to match the bronze metal factory finish on our windows. Hope this is helpful!


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