We interupt our regularly scheduled programming…

Sorry – I know most of you are probably looking for an update on the exterior paint, but this was too funny not to share.

Our six year old daughter Chloe has been asking for a playhouse for ages. Unfortunately, with all of the other house projects we have going on around here, the playhouse project has fallen by the wayside. Yesterday, I came up with a temporary fix involving four folding chairs and an old fitted sheet. (Please try to overlook the shoddy construction.)

the new "playhouse"
the new "playhouse"

Both girls (Chloe and her one year old sister) were thrilled with with the new abode, but before long I noticed Chloe piling weeds on top of the sheet:

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

Perplexed, I inquired as to the point of the weeds, to which Chloe responded “It’s an eco-roof.”

Perhaps there’s too much architecture talk at our dinner table…

4 thoughts on “We interupt our regularly scheduled programming…

  1. Cool! Forts I made as a kid involving blankets (or these heavy leather cushions we had) were always the best. Infinitely reconfigurable, no parental help needed, always there. The eco-roof is a nice touch 🙂


  2. Ok ,that is hysterical..and kids playhouses rock!!

    Here is quick freebie…if you want to find leftover building materials from contractors and Saaaaave some $$, hop over to http://www.diggerslist.com , we are trying to prevent waste and find a way to help other save money too.

    Thank you for you cool playhouse post!


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