Why we need scaffolding

I decided today that it would be wise to rent some scaffolding as I get more into the details of this paint job.  I had Stephanie snap a few photos to demonstrate the nightmare of our west side lot line.  Not only there only about 10 feet between houses, there is a substantial elevation difference that makes ladder placement difficult.  And I haven’t even said anything about the vegetation, either.

Painting the eaves
Painting the eaves
Getting that last bit of siding
Getting that last bit of siding

One thought on “Why we need scaffolding

  1. Wow, that is looking really good. It’s amazing what picking the right color will do for a house. That is scary stuff how you’re up on that ladder backwards. I’m thinking the only way we could paint our two and a half-story house is with scaffolding. Spraying is out of the question with our house as our neighbors’ houses are almost as close and any over spray would probably damage their new siding.


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