Insane treehouse

We stumbled on this a few weeks ago in the Dunthorpe area.  Never seen anything like it…

We could live in this thing!
We could live in this thing!

10 thoughts on “Insane treehouse

  1. Holy cow! That’s bigger than a lot of people’s houses elsewhere in the world. And it looks like they didn’t skimp on the materials, either (e.g., raised metal roof)


  2. Fabulous! Someone built a similar structure in a tree in Vancouver in the shape of a ship. The neighbours complained that it violated building codes: There was a lawsuit and the family was compelled to take it down. Glad to know the joy and fun hasn’t run out of every neighbourhood!


  3. Hey Lisa – what a nice photo! Is that Crater Lake in the background?

    We’ve been promising Chloe a playhouse for quite awhile but wonder how we can ever measure up now that she’s seen this one!


  4. I want to build a similar treehouse. I would love to know how they anchored the floors on to those two trees. That engineering is absolutely critical. It won’t fly unless you can answer that one. That house has no support other than that. I have two trees exactly like that on my two acres on the Lewis river — Woodland, Wa.


  5. Hello!

    I’m a producer for the Animal Planet TV Series “Treehouse Masters”. I’m interesting in learning more about this beautiful treehouse and to possibly feature ii on our program. I see in the above comments that you do not know the owners, but I’m curious if there is any more info or help you could provide that could assist me in getting in touch with the owners…

    I appreciate any time and help you can provide. Thanks so much!

    Casey Elliott
    Associate Producer
    Stiletto Television


    1. It’s on Military Road in Dunthorpe, a neighborhood of Portland. I checked a satellite map, but I can’t see it on there. If we are down there sometime, I’ll find it again…


    2. Good Morning Casey,
      We would love to feature our property for the next new tree house build in the Pacific NW. We have an acre pond and a 100′ flag pole on the edge of it. Yes 100′, the flag is 24’X36′ AMAZINGING. So we wanted to put our dream home next to the pond and the county/habitat people are making it crazy impossible. So how can we get around this ? You got it !! guess we need to build up. Just a few challenges. We must be 200′ from pond (no problem there) we have some beautiful trees, We need to have a separate living space for mother in law. We have always had plans for her to live with us. She is approaching 80 years but still has A lot of kid in her. We would like our living area ADA with ramps and few steps. So here we are at the Most beautiful place in the Pacific NW with 140 thousand Acres in our back yard, First multi tree house site with ADA units ALL attached. How about it would ,you like to see our site and create the next Amazing Animal Plant show?


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