Nearing the Finish Line

Another moderate weekend of work, but the end is definitely close enough to taste now!  The biggest indicator of progress is that the scaffold has been broken down and won’t be set up again for this project.  The only things left on the punch list are:

  • strip and re-finish front door
  • finish sidelights and trim around front door
  • touch up the trim around 6 windows with bronze paint
  • paint and install 2 more storm windows
  • paint exposed trim on back dormer
  • add trim around back dormer windows
  • rebuild rotted posts and railings in front of porch

Considering where we started, that is a teeny little list.  It may or may not all get done this fall, but we are at least weather-tight and ready for the rain now.

Sidelights look much more distinguised with their new bronze paint
Sidelights look much more distinguised with their new bronze paint
Bronze-painted storm windows re-installed
Bronze-painted storm windows re-installed
All rafters painted!
All rafters painted!
The lazy (but fast) way out of the mess of a back dormer...covering it with metal!
The lazy (but fast) way out of the mess of a back dormer…covering it with metal!

9 thoughts on “Nearing the Finish Line

  1. Did you post somewhere what the final choices on your trim and accent colors were? I don’t find them tagged under bungalow paint colors. Anyway, I’m curious. I like your choices a lot. I know you went with caponata for the body color.
    Post them all if you get a chance and sorry if they’re here somewhere and I didn’t find them. Thanks.


  2. Thanks Adam and Mia.

    Mia – we used the Affinty color palette from Benjamin Moore’s line of Aura paints (which seem to be wonderful paints so far – here’s hoping they last as long as Benjamin Moore’s marketing team would have us believe!)

    The body color is Caponata. The trim color is Jicama. And the pumpkiny accent color is Firenze.

    When we bought this house, previous owners had removed most of our original windows and replaced them with plate glass or aluminum sliders (it varied from room to room). We replaced the replacement windows with metal clad wood windows in a bronze finish. But we still have a handful of original wooden windows. We wanted them to blend in with the new ones, so we painted those with Bejamin Moore’s IronClad latex metal enamel paint in “Bronzetone” which was a really good match for the metal windows.

    We’ve used that color a couple of other places as well – on the sidelights flanking the front door and on the porch roof beams.


  3. I meant to say earlier that the covering of the dormer rafter with metal was a nice solution to that problem. I’ll bet no one notices from the ground that it’s anything out of the norm!


  4. Guys just have to say what an amazing job your doing. Just spent a bit of time reading all about what you’ve been doing.

    I love some of the before and after shots.

    All the best


  5. Absolutely blown away by the beautiful colors! It was definitely worth looking outside strictly historic color palette. Would love to know more about your color consulting. Please, feel free to email me!


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