Playhouse footings

Yesterday I dug holes and placed the pier block footings.  I think I got them all placed well, but I always find this kind of work challenging.  Not only is there no existing point-of- reference, but it’s on ground that slopes in two dimensions.  I will add concrete around the pier blocks once I’ve added the posts and ensure that my footings are set correctly.  I also had to relocate some plants to make room for the playhouse, but the great thing is that our landscaping  now looks much more complete!

Pier blocks set into holes
Arrows showing footing locations

2 thoughts on “Playhouse footings

  1. How are you going to fine-tune the height of each footing? Maybe some gravel in the bottom of the hole will help in that regard. Also, once you have them level in both directions, don’t forget to check for square.


  2. Joe,

    In our design the floor (deck) is hanging from the posts, so the footings do not need to be the same height. It simplifies things, so all I have to do is make sure the posts are plumb and square. Once the deck is complete, I’ll saw the posts to a uniform height.



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