We’ve been promising to build the kids a playhouse for a couple of years now, so we decided that we’d better get to it before they are old enough to move out of the house!  We have been working on the design for awhile now, and we think that we’re going for a modern look (horizontal cedar screening) combined with the post and beam structure of our front porch.

Initially, we are going to build just the roof and the floor.  This will essentially be a wall-less gazebo, which we can flesh out later.  After pricing out the clear cedar strips, we realized that it will be pretty expensive to complete our design, so we may go with plywood walls with shakes.   But by getting something started, we can at least get the girls a place of their own* pretty quickly.

*we are being sneaky and trying to design a structure that will work as a playhouse, yet be able to serve a future life as an entertainment area once they’ve gotten too old.

Our neighbor has been removing his old cedar decking and replacing it with Trex, so it looks like we will be able to finish the entire floor of the playhouse for free!

Keep in mind that this design is pretty conceptual at this point, and we’ve been playing with a lot of different ideas.  If you have any suggestions, thr0w ’em our way!

Playhouse Concept #1

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