A squirrel, a badger and a mouse walk into a bar…

Or maybe it was a raccoon, an opossum and a rat.  And it wasn’t in a pub but actually a blue tarp that had been protecting (I use the term loosely) our large stack of stripped down doors until we had time to refinish them.

While doing the annual spring cleaning of our patio, I lifted up said tarp, so that I could relocate the doors, which had been lying across two sawhorses since last summer.  My first thought was that Chloe had picked up a piece of dog poop with something and then put it under the tarp.  That didn’t make sense anyway, but especially not once I grasped the magnitude of the “deposits.”  And once I got over my initial shock, it became clear that at least two different species had been shacking up under our tarp.  I consider myself open-minded, but even I wasn’t comfortable with this type of relationship.

Another possibility is that it was an opossum having a litter of babies on top of our closet door.  I used a scraper and a hose to knock everything off, but as you can see from the picture, there was definitely some damage.  I am hoping that once it’s sanded and refinished with a dark stain, it won’t be too noticeable.  That is not a job I’m looking forward to!

Pre-stained, err…pee-stained

3 thoughts on “A squirrel, a badger and a mouse walk into a bar…

  1. It’s the time of the year. Our kitchen door stoop has been a seemingly natural maternity ward, between the birds and the raccoon. We’re fortunate there wasn’t any damage, although we have a lot of bird poop to clean up now that the chicks have left.

    Good luck with the doors, though – they’re beautiful!


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