How to build a deck in less than 10 minutes

Answer: speed it up to 120x speed. That means that every 2 minutes now takes only 1 second. I am trying hard to figure out a way to apply this same technique to my job as well.

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, ever since seeing some of the first sped-up recaps on home-improvement shows years ago. The cool side effect of speeding it up so dramatically is that it basically turned it into a stop-motion sequence of our entire project.  While I didn’t capture every minute of the construction (due to having only one large memory card with me and having to dump it every 3 hours), I did manage to come back with 38 hours of video (or a whopping 65 GB for the geeks out there.)  Working with so many large clips proved problematic for editing, so I spliced each day’s together into a single, uncompressed movie sped up to 12x real time  Once I had the four intermediate clips, I then sped each up to as much as an additional 10x.  There are a few places where I kept the speeds lower to better emphasize a portion of the video.

Was it worth the time to do?  Probably not.  But I can’t think of a better way to immortalize the time we spent building that thing. To see the best quality, make sure the change the video from 360p to 480p.


6 thoughts on “How to build a deck in less than 10 minutes

  1. Great video! I knew that was a big job, but seeing the video really brought that message home! I’m impressed with the work that you and Carmen did. Looks wonderful! Love, Mom XXX OOO


  2. 1. I especially like that there are costume changes.

    2. Alert…there was possibly a brief moment of subliminal sexual misconduct by the neighbor contained within some of the frames.

    3. I think I saw Carmen pee off the deck once.

    4. There was heck of a lot of walking per installed board.

    5. It was looking really good by the end!


  3. great video on building the deck. If you could email me the kind of stain you used on the marvin windows that would be great I am looking for a stain that that is dark and works well with pine.



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