Bathroom threshold, part 1

We recently made the decision to try to focus a little more on the little things that have been neglected as we have long been distracted by things such as raising our upstairs ceiling, painting our house and building a playhouse.  We’ve been living with a hunk of old kitchen molding serving as our bathroom threshold (OK, actually we have 3 thresholds that look like this), so last week the decision was made to at least finish the one leading into the kitchen and this one into the bath.  The kitchen one was knocked out in no time, since we had a transition piece that had been bought with the flooring (it took me longer to find it than to cut and install it). It’s not very exciting, so I didn’t bother taking a picture of that one.

The one into the bathroom is a little more picture-worthy, since there were some obstacles to overcome.  First, none of the off-the-shelf thresholds we found really worked for this area.  Also, I found that hunks of wood that are sold with the label “threshold” are 3-4x more expensive than a comparable piece of wood.  So I bought piece of 1/2″ oak that I could rip down and add a simple beveled profile with the table saw.  It looks great and matches our oak floor really well.  Secondly, the door jamb is still covered in lead paint, so I didn’t want to just start sawing it and creating a bunch of lead dust.  That meant that I had to use paint stripper to take off the bottom 1″ of paint, not only to allow the cut but to also make things easier later by not having to strip areas immediately adjacent to the threshold.  I was able to dig out the undercut jamb saw that has only been used once, which instantly made me feel twice as justified about having purchased it back in 2005 when doing our kitchen floor.  I did a surprisingly good job on the undercut, because unlike the first time when I just marked the wood and started cutting, I took a small piece of the oak and used it as a guide for my cut.  I just held the saw down fairly tight against the wood as I cut, and it worked perfectly.

We’re looking forward to getting it stained, sealed and installed soon!

Nice cut!
60’s molding turned threshold

2 thoughts on “Bathroom threshold, part 1

  1. Nice fit indeed. Thanks for reminding me of yet another unfinished project at my house. 😉

    I still have a gaping hole between my kitchen and the sun porch off the back of the house.


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