Garage door framing

We have been looking at our rotten garage doors since we bought the house in 2004.  Rather than put any money or effort into their repair, we decided to hold off until the stars lined up for their replacement.  We are going to get doors much more suitable to our house style (fake carriage house doors), but first I had to remove all of the rotten framing and trim and reframe the openings in advance of the door installers.

As we’ve come to expect from our previous owner, most of the wood used was untreated and therefore inappropriate for a location with high weather exposure.  You can see how well (or not) it all held up in the pictures below.  I replaced the framing with pressure-treated wood and will be using painted cedar for the trim.  Additionally, since the openings are not equal width, we are offsetting the new framing to move the right door further to the right.  The gap in the middle will grow larger, but it will be covered with plywood and painted garage color in order to make it all look much more symmetrical.

3 thoughts on “Garage door framing

  1. Ours will not be the super cool stained doors but will be steel ones. We found some wood ones that were somewhat reasonable, but the weather exposure of our doors is just too much. We will be painting them to match the house’s colors.


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