Something borrowed, something new

Last Sunday, while trying to finish up the trim on the sides of the garage doors, we fell victim to an overeager freecycler.  As anyone who lives on the eastside of Portland knows, it’s super easy to get rid of stuff you don’t want any longer.  Piles of things, some useful and some not, are routinely left out in the parking strips.  This form of reuse is very common, and while I generally think it’s a good thing, it is also important to actually only take the things that people mean to give away.

The three 1×10 cedar boards that I had painstakingly cut, notched and primed to sit proudly on the sides of our new garage doors did not fall into that category.  Yes, they were sitting too close to the curb while I ran to the hardware store for some nails, but there was no “free” sign on them.  It is awfully presumptuous to think you can grab anything within reach of your car without even making the effort to knock on the door first.  Or maybe they were taken maliciously, but regardless, they were gone.

Some signs on the trees and postings on craigslist didn’t result in the miraculous return of our boards, so I had to take yesterday off work to get new ones all ready for the garage door install on Thursday.  Since the 1x10s were kind of scarce (Mr. Plywood had only a few of them, and most were pretty knotty), I switched to 1x8s and used a scarf joint to increase the width by 2″.  This should get covered by whatever trim strip comes with the garage door anyway.

The biggest part of the day was breaking up the concrete under the door.  A tree root growing under the driveway had gradually pushed up the center of the door by at least two or three inches.  Since it was a small area, I thought I could just get it done with a breaker bit on my rotohammer (something I have never attempted in the past, mind you).  20 minutes of zero progress was enough to convince me to drop the $35 on a jackhammer rental.  It still took over an hour to bust it all up, but it would’ve taken three days with the rotohammer!  Eventually, I will break up the rest of the “driveway” (maybe 5′ in length) up to the sidewalk and then replace it, likely with pavers.

Sitting flat for the first time in years

3 thoughts on “Something borrowed, something new

  1. bummer. once i left the jog stroller too close to the mail box while i went back to the house to get something (kid not in it yet either) when a guy driving by slowed down and asked if he could take it. thank goodness he asked!!!


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