Playroom Bathroom (Photos)

Sifting through past entries, I noticed we’ve never posted photos of the upstairs/playroom bathroom.

Our girls love lavender!

Originally, I was reluctant to photograph the space until the bathroom door and trim were finished. Since we are unlikely to get around to finishing the door anytime soon, I decided to take some photos for your viewing pleasure.

I quickly remembered the other reason we’ve never posted pictures.

This room is so incredibly tiny, it’s nearly impossible to photograph without perching on the toilet lid or on the lip of the sink – hence the weird viewing angles.

playroom bathroom
view from hallway outside Chloe’s room

bathroom sink and mirror
alternate view from hallway

9 thoughts on “Playroom Bathroom (Photos)

  1. It’s all lavender, baby! Photos of lavender on the wall, bunches of lavender from the farmers market – both kids love any shade of purple and Chloe was insistent that the bathroom had to be lavender. 🙂


  2. @Bathroom Vanity Fan: It is an extremely tiny bathroom – more of a “water closet” really – so width was definitely an issue. This was the smallest sink we could find anywhere – it’s from Home Depot.


  3. As for storage, our girls are young – 3 and 7. They take baths and brush their teeth in our main bathroom so soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. are stored downstairs. We have a small basket next to the toilet in the playroom bathroom that holds extra toilet paper. We don’t really need to store anything else in there. Jammies, bathrobes, hair brushes and hair clips are stored in the closets in each girl’s room. So far so good – we haven’t missed having a vanity. I realize that may change as they get older, though!


  4. The room measures 77″ x not quite 38″. So widthwise, I’m sure we could have found a vanity to fit. The bigger issue was depth. We have only 19 inches from the back wall to the door opening and needed a solution that wouldn’t obscure the doorway. The pedestal sink is small and shallow so it does not poke out past the door frame.


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