Closet shelves

A small (but very satisying) project completed this weekend was finishing up the conversion of the obsolete back steps to a hall closet.  Previously, everything had just been piled up on the steps, making it difficult to find anything.   About a year ago, I wired the closet for power and CAT5, as well as installed our router and VOIP unit.  As with all projects that reduce clutter, there is a real sense of calm that comes out of seeing things neatly organized on shelves.

And no post is complete without the amusing or painful “oops” backstory.  In this case, when I bought the plywood for the shelves (back in 2008!), I hadn’t paid much attention to it.  Only after making my first cut did I notice that the grain looked unusually interesting…and suprisinging oak-like.  A quick check of the label verified that someone had slid a sheet of two-sided oak plywood into the stack of what I had meant to buy.  After I got the nerve to pull out the receipt, I learned that I had spent $60 on a single sheet!  And now we have the best-looking toilet paper shelves around…

Neat and tidy…for now!

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