Someone out there has a really good memory and sharp eyes!  A friend of a friend, who knows about our site only through our friend’s blog, spotted this post on Craigslist Philly:

The evidence

She recognized the photo on the left as being from our site and sent the Craigslist post to our mutual friend.  While we have had other cases of our content being “borrowed” without permission, this one crossed a line.

Not only is someone misrepresenting our room as being an example of where someone might be employed in another state,  given some of the stories out there of criminals luring victims in with craigslist, this immediately raised a red flag with me.  What legitimate reason would you have for posting a fake picture of your house?  I flagged it, emailed craigslist and sent an email to the poster.   If it’s still up, you can see the craigslist post here.

Our original picture can be seen here.  The irony is that that’s not even a real picture of our room.  The rug was photoshopped in by Stephanie and was never even purchased.


9 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. I’ve just found your wonderful blog. We’re redoing a 1932 Craftsman Tudor Revival, blindly and by inches. Your site is a goldmine: facts, funny & fascinating. Muchas gracias.


  2. I’m wondering if you should send an email to local authorities…seems to me (as a parent), I would not want to be mislead about someone’s home if I’m looking for a daycare. Obviously, I’m not just going to send my child to a daycare place, sight unseen, or anything like that, but it seems to me that this person’s not in the daycare biz at all. At worst, this sure reeks of predatory something or the other. At the very worst, the cops could file it in case someone’s ever caught, or something…I’d think.


  3. Thank you, Maja.

    Southside Andy: We contacted craigslist and had the post flagged as fraudulent – it was removed within minutes, but you’re right. I was only thinking about them misrepresenting where kids would spend the day – I hadn’t really considered anything more sinister than that.


  4. Looks like that person has posted for childcare in Philly several times over. I hope folks check out the facilities before entrusting their kids to somebody. Sure is creepy. What a shock for you, though. Crazy.


  5. That really sends chills down the spine, especially being related with children.

    On more positive note, I was really impressed with your idea on photoshopping rugs to get a good visual before deciding. I have to try that sometime.

    And thanks for the nice comment on my blog!


  6. Hi. I’m not a blogger just gathering ideas for a playroom. I was reading your blog and wanted you to know that your photo on is still up:( That’s crazy! It makes me sick to think that my children have to grow up in a world full of predators and nut jobs


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