Happy birthday, house.

It actually is more of a present for ourselves, but shhh….don’t tell the house. It turns 100 this year, and it’s a little sensitive about the whole thing. Sure, everyone says that the 100’s are the new 80’s, but it’s still feeling a bit old.

We bid on an artistic rendering of a home at Ginger’s preschool auction fundraiser a couple of weeks ago. I’ve always thought that these were cool, but it’s not something that we ever got around to doing (how can we spend money on a picture of our house when the actual thing still wants to suck every cent it can out of our bank account?). Well the auction gave us a great excuse to have it done, and we’re pretty excited to have the sketch. The artist, Ken, did a great job, and he was really pleasant to work with. We wanted to give him a mention on our site in case anyone is interested in having something like this done for their own home. As you can see, he does nice work.

Sketch by Ken Quinlan-Pierce

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday, house.

  1. Your house portrait turned out so well! I have had the same idea for a centennial gift for my house and your great sketch really affirms that. Congratulations!


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