Yard, day 4

Here’s what the yard looked like on Saturday, after the 4th day of work. While there are lots of punch list items yet to be completed, the overall look is infinitely better than what we had going on before the project. This will look really cool when we have some plants!

Ready for action

2 thoughts on “Yard, day 4

  1. Yep…quite a difference. It looks good and also like it worked well to have the single step. The path might seem wide now, but when plants grow over the edge, it will shrink a lot. Can’t wait to see plants! Can’t wait to see something for vines to grow on! What’s at the house that you reconfigured the path to meet?


  2. We did the path reconfiguration to bring the path to the hose area, so that we wouldn’t end up with a big mud patch and having to lay a hose across the planting bed. We thought the gravel would really help make that area less messy.


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