Aerial yard view

Here’s a composite view of the yard made from shots taken along the edge of the roof. It does a great job of showing the shape of the path. Some of the curves look sharper than they really are, which is just an artifact of the photo merge. We do want to slightly change the way the path interfaces with the step, because the landscapers didn’t follow our lines. The step is supposed to extend beyond the path on both sides by about 6″.

A little easier to visualize

11 thoughts on “Aerial yard view

  1. Hey, look again!…your photo also shows the curvature of the EARTH!!!

    Those dufuses…at the top of the step it isn’t bad enough that I’d bother changing. At the bottom, it’s a little funky. But, no matter what, it’ll all be covered up by plants with time! Interesting shot, it is, from the aerial cam.


  2. What a wonderful, not quite after photo compared to the earlier pictures of this area. I have to admit, that after enlarging the photo, I experienced a little vertigo, thinking about standing on a roof looking down to take this picture!


  3. That was the plan, Ang. We thought about making a kid-sized play house, but then Chloe started talking about a “play” house where they could put on plays and we decided we should make it bigger. Then we thought – let’s make it adult height, so when the kids outgrow it, we can sit in there and sip wine – our own little cocktail pavilion!


  4. The path does look weird at the bottom in the photo – it’s not quite that weird in real life. Where it looks pointy, it’s actually curved. It just looks that way in the photo because Julio had to stitch multiple photos together to make this panorama. And as you said, even where there are imperfections, they’ll be covered with plants eventually. πŸ™‚


  5. I’m new to your blog, but I adore the playhouse idea! I think we’ll try something similar in our own backyard. It will ‘fit’ much better than the ginormous playground the grandparents want to install!

    I’ll be back for more bungalow inspiration. We are knee-deep in our first major project in our bungalow – the first kitchen remodel ever conducted in this 1927 house. So much more to do!


  6. The yard looks great! I liked the grass and plants, but this is definitely a landscaped area now. It looks really nice with the playhouse, too. At least from the roof it has an oriental look to it. Just wondering; are the pugs allowed on the path? πŸ™‚


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