Plants vs Mommies

Sorry, I’m tired and that’s the best I could come up with! And technically, it was only one mommy.

This is a long overdue picture that shows all the plants that Stephanie got into the yard. It looks SO much better than before. Now that we have no more grass, all the sprinklers were disconnected, and we are 100% on drip irrigation. It’s a bit of a pain to set up, but it’s so nice to be able to target the water exactly where it’s needed. Oh, and the fact that we don’t have to nurture the gazillion new plants with manual watering is pretty great, too.

Why is there a picture of Butchart Gardens on our blog?

3 thoughts on “Plants vs Mommies

  1. i like your ideas, although the manual watering on new plants i find therapeutic. you dont?! =) is that area full sun, or shade, or what? also, does the drip irrigation cut down on weeds that grow, since you’re not watering a lot of empty dirt space? neat blog! love the garden ideas. oh, and what did you do in place of grass? the picture is a little hard for me to tell. is it concrete? thanks.keep up the interesting posts!


    1. The yard is narrow, so it’s a mix of sun/shade. The planting area on the right side probably gets about 6 hours of good sun, and the left only gets sun early in the day. The drip lines do cut down on the weeds a bit. Some of our weeds will still grow, but it’s definitely better than when watering all the soil.

      The path is made of crushed 1/4″ rock.


  2. Benny was excited about the title of your post “Plants vs Mommies” needless to say, he is not interested in your yard. lol


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