Playhouse update

You may remember the playhouse? The one that we allegedly were building for the children but was really designed for us to use after they got tired of it? Well, it’s seen its first construction activity since 2010, when the first ‘X’ railings were installed. Yet another time where I would have sworn that I did that last year, but somehow an extra 365 days slipped themselves into the equation.

Last weekend the missing front bracket/support (non-structural) and the other 3 Xs were added. The great thing about the Xs is that they add a huge amount of bracing to the playhouse, since our open-air design and heavy top conspired to make the roof a little wibbely-wobbely. Now you can push it as hard as you want, and it doesn’t budge. The side-to-side stiffness in the front is still a little substandard, but we don’t want to add any diagonal bracing for aesthetic reasons.

It should all hold up just fine, though. At least until the Cascadia Subduction Zone pops…

It’s trying hard to convince us that it was added for structural integrity, but we all know it was for vanity.


Xs mark the spots

3 thoughts on “Playhouse update

  1. Great house. I am building one based on your pictures but will likely be smaller. Just curious what the dimensions of the sides are. Is it maybe a 8×10 or a 10×10. Thanks,


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