New front fence

Well, here it is…the final piece of the yard project. Until we pulled out the dirt and brought up the gravel last year, there had never been any connectivity between the back yard and the small section of front yard (nor to the garage roof.) I had to open up the middle of the fence, so that the landscapers could get access down to the street.

We originally had plans to build a trellis over the gate, but in the interest of expediency and budget, we opted to chop the existing posts and use them as the basis for a new fence. In hindsight, that decision was questionable, as they were very warped and non-plumb, making the construction of the new fence a pain in the ass. But now that it’s all done, all the creative shimming of the gates and other issues aren’t very noticeable.

People have a hard time believing it, but all the slats on the fence (with the exception of the gate slats) were made from the ratty old fence boards. After slicing each 1×6 in half lengthwise and widthwise and planing them down, we ended up with some really nice pieces. The few that weren’t as attractive were strategically placed to be hidden by plants. We used the same planing trick on our playhouse floor. Although it does take some time, it’s a great way to both reuse old material and save some money.

Just narcissistic enough to know it looks better than the old one
Nearly there!
Who knew these slats were hiding in the old fence?
Old fence, after being "chopped" for access from the front



2 thoughts on “New front fence

  1. Oh my gosh!!! The fence and gate are gorgeous!!! I am always amazed at
    your ability to figure out how to not only do all the home improvements and
    remodeling that you have done, but to do them well and have the finished products look wonderful. I wish some of your genius would rub off on me.
    Truly, you did a superb job and recyling the materials is frosting on the cake.


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