Redoing the rails

It never feels good to have to revisit a project you only completed a year earlier, but true to my suspicions, I had to do some maintenance work on the front railings. I had made some design changes from the originals to make these last longer, but there is no escaping the reality that wet winters do not play nicely with wood that allows said water to collect. There is a reason that most railings are simple and don’t have anything to get in the way of the water. I had to scrape out and replace the caulk at the bottom ends of the top and bottom rails and touched up paint as needed. No wood was damaged, thankfully, but I fear this will end up being an annual project for me. That’s the price we have to pay for beauty.

Tell me again, why did we start a painting project in September??

3 thoughts on “Redoing the rails

  1. Julio – please check your Bosch water heater thread for some new comments (yes, you are still getting hits & comments there!) awaiting moderation. Good news (so far) in this case, from a very minor adjustment.


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