Top of the world, or at least the garage

Once again, there’s been an noticeable lack of posts around these parts. We’ve actually been doing a lot of projects, so look for more to come as we catch up on the blog.

A biggie for this year was doing “something” about the garage roof. We’ve used it sporadically as a patio but got out of the habit when we had a little kid(s) running around. Mostly it serves as a giant, inadvertent pool once it starts raining and the under-sized drain clogs. That water needs to go somewhere, and it usually decides to migrate through the concrete and make the garages below very damp.

The ultimate fix for this will be to do something to improve the almost non-existent slope. I would be surprised if it drops more than 1″ over the 20″ from back to front. We didn’t want to get into a complicated or expensive project right as fall was about to start, so we are trying out one of the deck/concrete paints that it seems everyone and their mother are selling these days. There are numerous options out there, but all of them claim to be able to mitigate cracks and surface defects. We decided to give Superdeck Deck & Dock a try.

So far we’ve been very impressed with it. It’s a thinner product than the Rust-o-leum or the Behr versions, so it’s very easy to apply. It goes on like a slightly thick paint. It covers more per can than the others, but I assume it takes more coats to fill defects than the others. I think we could cover most of the imperfections if we were willing to do 5 or 6 coats in those areas, but ultimately, we decided that 3 coats was enough. We didn’t want to go through too many cans @ $50/gallon, and also this may end up ultimately being a temporary solution once we fix the slope problem in the future. In the meantime, this made an immense improvement to the surface, and it feels like it will hold up well to the weather. We’ll see how it does over the winter…

Here is what we started with after a good pressure wash:

How come nobody ever took care of me?

In case you can’t see how bad it looks, here’s a close-up:

Long term neglect, with a few test patches of Superdeck

And finally, after a couple of coats of Superdeck. The messed up concrete in the lower part of the picture looks much worse in the photo than it does to the eye. The elastomeric coating really did a nice job of smoothing the surface. It’s definitely a huge improvement, and we are going to use it on our front porch (also concrete) as well.

The almost finished product

3 thoughts on “Top of the world, or at least the garage

    1. So far, so good. We’ve only been through one winter, but it seems to be in OK shape. We’ll hit it with a pressure washer for a spring cleaning soon, so that’ll be the real test.


    2. We’ve been happy with it so far. The garage roof gets pretty gunky over the winter. When we pressure-washed it at the end of the rainy season, the gunk pretty much came right off. It was far easier to clean that it had been in the past and it looks a thousand times better than it did pre-Superdeck. 🙂


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