Washing machine DIY

For the last few weeks our washing machine has been making some horrible noises as it enters the spin cycle. Think of a hammer hitting sheet metal. The vibrations were so powerful that the machine moved around during each load.

Some internet hunting made me think that the shock absorbers were broken, and popping off the lower panel confirmed it. Hmmmm…what to do? The internets said that having it repaired would run around $300. I found some knock-off absorbers on Amazon with fairly decent reviews for $20. I think you can guess which way I went.

I started the project the other night and quickly learned that the 2 hour estimates that I had been skeptical of were probably pretty accurate. It’s a very easy job, but there is a lot of awkward reaching, which makes it VERY difficult to get the plastic pins back through the new shocks. It was impossible to do with my hands, but I had an epiphany when I woke up this morning and realized that a socket wrench might do the trick (it did.) The only real trouble spots were that the pin in the first pic is blocked by a metal box. I was able to bend it out, but there was no way to re-install it in the same direction. I opted to just stick it in from the front, which will come back to haunt me if I ever have to take it out again (there is a locking tab that needs to be pushed in, and I’ll never find it in the back.) Regardless, we’re back in operation, and our house is no longer filled with the sounds of banging. Well, except for whatever the kids are doing…

Broken shock absorber
The best way to push the pins back in…
Back in business!

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