Punch list: living/dining rooms

For almost 10 years we’ve been staring at the insulation peeking out from around the sides of one of the dining room windows. You know how when you take apart an electrical device you end up with extra parts? Well, our house is the opposite, and somehow I just didn’t have enough of the original interior stops when I went to reinstall them. Other than serving as an occasionally tempting target for either of our children to pick at while each was around two years old, this window have gotten no love in the meantime. During this year’s annual house blitz (aka vacation time for normal people,) I picked up some trim, ripped it to size, cut the pieces, stained them and nailed them into place. Maybe 20 minutes for the entire project. Not sure if it was worth waiting a decade for this, but on the other hand I have an appreciation for this window now that would have long ago faded had it been finished in 2004.

And in the same vein, we have no base shoe trim in our living room, dining room or foyer. We ripped it all out when having the floors refinished, and the project has just been on the back burner since. I bought 144′ of base shoe and got it all stained. Now that my vacation’s over, I’ll have to nip away at this over time…

Before & after
Coming soon: base shoe


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