Home Depot Gift Card Contest – Please Vote for us on You Tube!

Have you heard about the Home Depot $25,000 Holiday Gift Card Contest? Do-it-yourselfers are currently posting videos on You Tube showcasing home improvement projects in dire need of attention. On December 17, a winning entry will be chosen, and Home Depot will award some lucky homeowner with a $25,000 Home Depot Gift Card. What can we say? We couldn’t resist! So, if you haven’t already submitted an entry of your own, we’d love it if you would click on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Mr6WrO-ADA View count accounts for 20 percent of the points awarded to each submission, so we really need … Continue reading Home Depot Gift Card Contest – Please Vote for us on You Tube!

First quote on foundation work

Yesterday I had a local foundation expert come over to check out our basement.  I’ve wanted to get some seismic upgrading done for a long time, but it was becoming painfully obvious that I am never going to have the time to do it myself.  Stephanie has been pushing for us to hire it out, and now I am finally starting to come around on this.  It usually takes about a year from the time she puts an idea in my head until “I get it.”  I have a bad history about being stubborn with things that I can do … Continue reading First quote on foundation work